Ajax API Essentials

Developers who are experienced in building Internet applications and who want to become skilled in the use of Ajax to add seamless interactivity to their web applications

A good knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, basic programming concepts, and general Internet development; programming experience would be an advantage

Expected Duration
120 minutes

This course will explore the various technologies that are employed in Ajax applications. It will begin by examining the important role that XML and CSS play in developing Ajax applications that interact with data sent from the server. Then it will discuss common troubleshooting issues that may arise in Ajax applications. Finally, it will explore how web services and APIs can work together to add complex degrees of functionality to an application with minimal effort. This course is one of a series providing an introduction to Ajax development.


XML, CSS, and Troubleshooting

  • use the XMLHttpRequest object to retrieve an XML document from a server
  • extract element and attribute values from an XML document and add them to a page
  • use CSS with Ajax to apply a style dynamically
  • handle errors in JavaScript
  • use DOM inspectors
  • use Ajax troubleshooting tools
  • work with XML in Ajax applications
  • use Ajax troubleshooting tools

Web Services, APIs, and Mashups

  • recognize key characteristics of web services
  • consume a web service in Ajax via an application proxy
  • consume a web service in Ajax using the script tag hack
  • create an application to use an API
  • create a mashup
  • call a web service from an Ajax application
  • use APIs to create a mashup





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