AMA2206 How To Communicate With Diplomacy, Tact, and Credibility

Anyone who wants to:

  • Hear others clearly and respond appropriately when feeling challenged, overwhelmed, or on the spot
  • Gain collaboration when presenting new ideas instead of trying to seize control
  • Have thoughtful and diplomatic interactions in difficult situations

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
2 day


How well you communicate can make or break your professional image, influencing how others view your work, your performance, and even your technical skillsets and your prospects for career mobility. This communication skills seminar will teach you how to choose and use the most appropriate words and emotional tone for every business situation. In just two days, you’ll gain insights into your communication style and that of others, while gaining skills for clearly and effectively receiving and transmitting information, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and needs.

How You Will Benefit

  • Communicate efficiently and tactfully with clients, direct reports, colleagues, your boss, and senior management
  • Respond in a professional manner, even when you’re out of your comfort zone
  • Strengthen your communication effectiveness with active listening
  • Elicit cooperation and respect by modeling
  • Improve your image through the increased self-awareness you’ll gain


1. How Diplomacy, Tact, and Credibility Influence How Others Perceive You

  • How diplomacy, tact, and credibility positively impact image
  • How image impacts self-perception, the perception of others, career credibility, and career success

2. Communication Style Differences: The Insight Inventory

  • How style impacts the image others have of you
  • Use a style that communicates diplomacy, tact, and credibility
  • Better read others so that you can communicate more effectively
  • Match your communication style with the communication style of others

3. Effective and Powerful Communication Skills

  • How miscommunications are costly to you and to your organization
  • How diplomacy, tact, and credibility can be utilized through good communication skills
  • Remove the roadblocks to effective communication
  • Communication-based components of image
  • How to positively impact the visual, verbal, and vocal components of communication
  • Know-Feel-Do model of communicating
  • Practice good communication skills in order to be a more effective communicator

4. Building Diplomacy, Tact, and Credibility through Effective Listening Skills

  • Why listening is a difficult skill
  • Barriers and obstacles to effective listening
  • How good listening skills build rapport
  • Use good listening skills to build and improve your image, and your ability to communicate with tact, diplomacy, and credibility
  • Practice your listening skills and receive feedback on ways to be a better listener

5. Diplomacy, Tact, and Credibility

  • How to utilize diplomacy and tact
  • Five actions that make for credible communication
  • Handle difficult situations with diplomacy, tact, and credibility
  • Practice your diplomacy, tact, and credibility skills in order to be a more effective communicator

6. Action Plan for Communicating with Diplomacy, Tact, and Credibility

  • Create an action plan to improve your communication skills back at work
  • Receive feedback from a learning buddy on your action plan
  • Sign a contract to follow up with a learning buddy on your progress for implementing key communication skills from this program



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