AMA2605 The 5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity

Business professionals at all levels looking for the tools to maximize productivity and achieve the extraordinary.

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Expected Duration
2 day


For most of us, the demands our careers place on our shoulders can be overwhelming. Combine this with the distractions caused by an unending influx of information, and our lives can become downright exhausting. If we don’t react to these stimuli with clear discernment, our ability to think clearly and make wise decisions about what’s important suffers, the goals that matter most in our professional and personal lives get shortchanged, or not accomplished at all.

This course combines current neuroscience research with proven productivity principles to help you better manage your decisions, attention, and energy. You’ll learn how to apply a process and maximize the use of technology platforms that can dramatically increase your ability to achieve life’s most important outcomes by consistently making choices that create extraordinary value for yourself and your organization. This solution not only produces a measurable increase in productivity, but can also provide you with a renewed sense of engagement and accomplishment.

This course includes:

  • Participant Guide
  • Technical Guide: Microsoft Outlook or LotusNotes edition
  • The 5 Choices: a brief monograph with notebook
  • Bonus Modules: three video-based mini courses with toolkits

By FranklinCovey – now available through AMA.


1. Choice 1: Acting on the Important Instead of Reacting to the Urgent

  • Discerning the important from the urgent or less important
  • Teaching others the language and methodology of importance

2. Choice 2: Going for Extraordinary Instead of Settling for Ordinary

  • Clarifying what extraordinary looks like in your current, most important roles
  • Defining and executing measurable goals to achieve role outcomes

3. Choice 3: Scheduling the Big Rocks Instead of Sorting Gravel

  • Mastering weekly planning processes to identify, schedule, and execute high-impact priorities
  • Mastering daily planning processes to ensure attention, energy, and execution

4. Choice 4: Ruling Your Technology Instead of Letting it Rule You

  • Designing a personalized system to manage appointments, tasks, contacts, notes, and documents
  • Turning Outlook or Lotus Notes into a productivity workflow engine

5. Choice 5: Fueling Your Fire Instead of Burning Out

  • Understanding the impact of brain health on day-to-day performance
  • Using the Five Energy Drivers to sustain energy throughout the day



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