American Work Culture and Values

Individuals who have moved, or plan to move, to the United States to live and work; also useful for anyone interested in American culture and work life

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Most American workplaces appear similar in some ways, particularly from the perspective of people from outside the United States. When you understand the values underlying the American workplace, you’ll know better what to expect. And this, in turn, may help you develop positive approaches to the cultural differences you encounter. Adjusting to a new work environment and understanding the cultural and behavioral characteristics of your new colleagues are two key challenges for someone coming from abroad to work in the United States. This course describes the main values in American culture that influence behavior in the workplace. It explains the typical stages you go through when adjusting to a new culture – in this case, American work culture. And it provides guidelines that can help you respond constructively to the challenges you may face when working abroad in the United States.


American Work Culture and Values

  • match the dominant values that influence behavior in the American workplace with examples that illustrate them
  • sequence examples of the stages you may go through as you adjust to American work culture
  • recognize examples of typical practices and behaviors in the American work culture
  • respond positively to challenges of working abroad in the United States in a given scenario




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