An Introduction to Basic Cloud Concepts

This path is meant to enhance the knowledge base of any learner who works with cloud technologies, or wishes to begin understanding cloud deployments


Expected Duration
127 minutes

Almost every resource we interact with today is cloud based. This includes private resources as well as public resources. If you intend on administering the resources of the future, you need to be comfortable with the various cloud concepts, and cloud models available. In this course you will be introduced to basic cloud concepts as well as the various service and deployment models available. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Cisco exam Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals exam (210-451 CLDFND). This exam counts toward the CCNA Cloud certification.


Introducing Cloud Computing Basic Concepts

  • start the course
  • describe cloud computing
  • describe the need for cloud computing
  • describe examples of cloud computing
  • describe IT principles
  • describe cloud solution framework
  • describe the cloud computing evolution
  • describe the business needs for cloud computing
  • describe cloud computing characteristics
  • Describing Cloud Service Models

  • describe cloud computing services
  • describe IaaS
  • describe PaaS
  • describe SaaS
  • describe XaaS
  • Comparing Cloud Deployment Models

  • describe cloud deployment models
  • describe private cloud flexibility
  • describe public cloud deployment
  • describe community cloud deployment
  • describe hybrid cloud deployment
  • Exploring the Cisco Intercloud Solution

  • describe hybrid cloud challenges
  • describe Cisco Intercloud Fabric architecture
  • describe Cisco Intercloud Fabric core services
  • describe Cisco Intercloud Fabric
  • describe Intercloud Fabric deployment models




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