An Introduction to Basic Cloud Storage Solutions

This path is meant to enhance the knowledge base of any learner who works with cloud technologies, or wishes to begin understanding cloud deployments


Expected Duration
131 minutes

The primary purpose of a cloud is to store information that can be easily accessed from all corners of planet Earth. This course introduces you to various storage types and the different protocols that can be used based on the storage types. You will also explore SANs along with Fibre Channel and FCoE. In addition you will discover various provisioning methods. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Cisco exam Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals exam (210-451 CLDFND). This exam counts toward the CCNA Cloud certification.


Comparing Storage

  • start the course
  • describe block storage and file-based storage characteristics
  • describe block-based protocols
  • compare block I/O and file I/O
  • describe SCSI protocol in broad terms
  • describe SCSI protocol in detail
  • describe SCSI operation
  • describe direct-attached storage
  • describe storage area network
  • describe fibre channel protocol
  • describe fibre channel topologies
  • describe fibre channel HBAs
  • describe fibre channel frame structure
  • describe FCoE protocol transporting options
  • describe IEEE standards for enabling FCoE
  • describe iSCSI protocol
  • describe the iSCSI concept
  • describe iSCSI node names
  • describe the software-based iSCSI model
  • describe network-attached storage protocols
  • describe thick and thin provisioning methods
  • compare thick and thin provisioning methods
  • describe thin provisioning and oversubscription
  • describe object storage principles




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