Analyzing Workplace War Zones

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A team would be worthless if everyone agreed on every issue. The purpose of teams is to facilitate discussions and foster creativity. Sometimes the same discussions and creative thoughts that help the team can also bring about conflict. Nobody is perfect and not everyone is going to get along. It’s important that teams identify and target any problems before they escalate. At the end of this course you’ll have the skills needed to recognize why teams stop working, identify why battles begin, learn how to target team problems, and develop the skills to discuss problems as a team.

Target Audience

Anyone working on project teams.


Team Conflict: The Seeds of Dissent

Expected Duration

150 min.

Course Objectives

When Teams Stop Working

  • recognize the benefit of determining why teams stop producing.
  • identify what behaviors leaders should exhibit.
  • specify how to communicate an organizational vision.
  • identify the characteristics a healthy team environment.
  • choose the appropriate incentives given a situation.
  • Positioning for Battle

  • recognize the importance of determining how conflict escalates.
  • specify why work situations turn personal.
  • identify the signs of conflict.
  • order the steps to getting conflict out in the open.
  • identify some root causes of conflict.
  • Targeting Team Problems

  • recognize the value of targeting team problems.
  • specify how traditional process measurements contribute to team conflict.
  • identify how to turn faulty communication into effective team communication.
  • specify how perceptions can differ enough to promote conflict.
  • Problem-solving Tools and Techniques

  • recognize the importance of discussing problems as a team.
  • identify effective facilitation strategies.
  • specify the steps to brainstorming and categorizing problems.
  • match the tool to its correct description.




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