Anger Management Essentials: Understanding Anger

Anyone who wants to develop or refine their anger management skills in the workplace


Expected Duration
60 minutes

Anger is a normal and even healthy emotion, rooted in the instinct for self-preservation. It provides important information about our relationships with others and can help us face trouble and overcome obstacles. But if it’s not managed properly, this powerful emotion can be very destructive. And the consequences of poorly managed anger in the workplace may be much greater than in other contexts. Yet, its potential benefits may also be greater. This course explores the different ways that people express anger and the common causes of anger in the workplace. It also describes how you can use anger positively in the workplace, and the resulting benefits when you do.


Understanding Anger

  • match examples of how people typically express anger to the appropriate categories
  • determine the cause of anger in a given scenario
  • recognize how to use anger positively in the workplace




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