AngularJS Controllers and Directives

Web developers who wish to develop their skills with AngularJS


Expected Duration
100 minutes

Angular JS controllers are constructor functions that set the initial state and add behaviours to objects. This course covers directive isolate scopes and working with controllers and directives. It also covers directive in respect to the document object model, or DOM.


Directive Isolate Scopes

  • start the course
  • describe isolate scopes in AngularJS directives
  • use the = sign to set up a two-way binding in a directive isolate scope
  • use the & symbol to invoke the outer scope functions from the isolate scope directives
  • use the @ symbol to pass strings into the directives in AngularJS
  • create a directive using shorthand notation
  • replace directive elements in HTML markup

Controllers and Directives

  • add controllers to directives in AngularJS
  • set up and use dynamic controllers for directives in AngularJS
  • use the transclude property in AngularJS
  • use the require property to set up communication between directives on the same matched element
  • communicate between nested directives in AngularJS

Working with DOM Elements

  • observe the attributes of a directive element for changes
  • work with browser events in directives
  • use the ngIf directive in AngularJS
  • use the ngList directive in AngularJS





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