ANSI C Programming: Expressions

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To describe the syntax rules governing expressions and statements in ANSI C and how to to use expressions and statements

Target Audience

Programmers and software developers new to ANSI C


Awareness of programming concepts; experience of using a third-generation, high-level language, such as Pascal, PL/1, BASIC, or FORTRAN

Expected Duration

215 min.

Course Objectives

ANSI C Programming: Expressions

  • identify the Boolean value of expressions and functions in ANSI C.
  • write an ANSI C program to accept and validate some simple user input.
  • use simple and compound assignment operators in ANSI C.
  • identify ANSI C’s arithmetic and relational operators and place them in the correct order of precedence.
  • identify and use the logical operators in ANSI C.
  • identify and use bitwise operators in ANSI C.
  • use the comma operator in ANSI C.
  • use the conditional operator in ANSI C.
  • apply the rules of precedence and associativity in ANSI C.
  • identify the operators that have precise rules about the order of evaluation of their operands in ANSI C.
  • identify mixed datatypes in expressions and apply the rules of datatype conversion and type casting in ANSI C.