Anti-money Laundering and Global Initiatives

Financial services professionals, consultants, and sales professionals interested in providing or selling products and services to fund managers, insurance companies, and banks, and everyone interested in knowing about banking supervision and anti-money laundering regulations.

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Money laundering is an illegal process of using legitimate means to conceal the true source of funds that are acquired through illegal activities, including drug trafficking and terrorism. This activity has grown and become more sophisticated as it keeps pace with modern technology, leaving authorities world-wide with the difficult task of trying to stay one step ahead of the criminals. Various unreliable estimates have been produced to measure this practice globally, with some estimates quoting sums as large as percentage points of the global economy. Because of this, countries across the world have created joint programs to combat and prevent money laundering.
This course introduces the concept of money laundering and identifies the different types, enabling circumstances and common indicators for this activity. It also acknowledges global initiatives such as the Financial Action Task Force, the Basel Committee, and the International Money Laundering Information Network, among others, that set recommended actions to prevent and combat money laundering. The course then discusses the Customer Identification Program under the US Patriot Act.


Money Laundering

  • identify the stages of money laundering
  • outline how enablers can facilitate money laundering
  • select the major indicators of money laundering
  • recognize characteristics of money laundering
  • Preventing Money Laundering

  • identify components of effective anti-money laundering activities
  • select the FATF anti-money laundering measures
  • identify aspects of CIP
  • identify components of money laundering prevention




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