Apache Kafka Development

Developers, IT Operations engineers, and DevOPs engineers looking to implement and manage Apache Kafka


Expected Duration
84 minutes

Apache Kafka comes with a set of APIs for consumers and producers for writing to and reading from logs. This course covers the producer and consumer APIs, and data serialization and deserialization techniques, and strategies for testing Kafka.


Reading from Kafka

  • start the course
  • describe the high-level consumer API for reading from Apache Kafka
  • describe the simple consumer API for reading from Apache Kafka
  • describe the Hadoop consumer API for reading from Apache Kafka

Configuration Settings

  • configure Apache Kafka brokers
  • configure Apache Kafka consumers
  • configure Apache Kafka producers
  • configure compression in Apache Kafka

Writing to Kafka

  • describe the producer API in Apache Kafka
  • describe the SyncProducer API in Apache Kafka
  • describe the AsyncProducer API in Apache Kafka
  • configure message acknowledgement, or acking, in Apache Kafka
  • batch messages in Apache Kafka
  • specify keyed and non-keyed messages in Apache Kafka
  • configure broker discovery in Apache Kafka

Testing and Serialization

  • use Apache Kafka test suites for testing
  • configure serialization and deserialization in Apache Kafka
  • build a custom serializer in Apache Kafka

Practice: Using Kafka

  • configure a broker and create a producer and a consumer in Apache Kafka





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