ASP.NET User Interface Considerations

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To describe how to create and use dynamic controls, implement styling, and use data binding

Target Audience

Web developers who are familiar with the fundamentals of Microsoft ASP.NET and who wish to broaden their ASP.NET programming abilities, especially those pursuing MCAD or MCSD .NET certification


Experience developing web applications with ASP.NET using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Visual Basic .NET

Expected Duration

160 min.

Course Objectives

ASP.NET User Interface Considerations

  • create controls dynamically and set their properties dynamically in ASP.NET.
  • use the AdRotator, Calendar, and XML rich server controls in web forms.
  • create and set properties on a control dynamically and use the AdRotator, Calendar, and XML controls.
  • use cascading style sheets (CSS) to format web application pages in ASP.NET.
  • use style properties, the CssClass property, the CSS collection property, and style objects to format server controls.
  • create a CSS file and style rule, apply a CSS to a web page, and use the CssClass property and the ApplyStyle method to format web server controls.
  • use data binding with properties, collections, method or function results, and XML files, and use the DataBind.Eval method when appropriate.
  • data bind to a hash table, a method, and an XML file, and format data bind output using the DataBinder.Eval method.