Attending a Microsoft Office 2007 Live Meeting

A range of in-training or established professionals needing to learn how to use Live Meeting 2007 without any experience with the specific product.

Basic computing and word-processing skills, familiarity with some web and design terminology, and experience working in a Microsoft Windows environment

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 is designed to deliver efficient web-based communication and collaboration. Live Meeting 2007 enables participants in a meeting, who may be widely dispersed, to conduct the meeting as if everyone were in the same room. It does this by enabling participants to use webcams and headsets to communicate with each other through voice and video. Presenters can share content, such as web pages, polls, or presentations, in real time with the attendees of a meeting, and attendees can respond to the presenters and each other. This course provides a detailed overview of the benefits and features of Office Live Meeting 2007, and covers common tasks such as how attendees can join meetings and interact in them. Voice and video configuration options are also explored in this course, as well as how to record a meeting, and how to use meeting playback features.


Getting Started with Live Meeting 2007

  • recognize the features of Live Meeting 2007
  • recognize how to install Live Meeting 2007
  • join a scheduled meeting hosted in Live Meeting 2007
  • recognize how to prepare for a scheduled Live Meeting
  • join a scheduled Live Meeting using the Windows-based client

Using Live Meeting 2007

  • identify how to configure audio options in Live Meeting 2007
  • identify the basic video settings in Live Meeting 2007
  • interact with a presenter in a Live Meeting by following the etiquette set out in the invitation e-mail
  • recognize the recording features of Live Meeting
  • configure audio and video options in Live Meeting 2007
  • customize the layout of the Live Meeting 2007 interface
  • record a Live Meeting 2007 session
  • interact in a Live Meeting





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