Automating Linux System Tasks and Backup Strategies

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To administer Linux system tasks and implement suitable backup strategies and schedules

Target Audience

Students wishing to acquire the basic skills required as a Linux system administrator


General knowledge of computers and computer operating systems ideally encompassing Unix knowledge because of the similarity to Linux

Expected Duration

190 min.

Course Objectives

Automating Linux System Tasks and Backup Strategies

  • identify the function of the syslog daemon and default files, and to outline the commands associated with each.
  • work with the /etc/syslog.conf file and its associated message logs.
  • recognize the appropriate commands to implement the rotation and archiving of logs.
  • administer the syslog daemon and implement log rotation in Linux.
  • use at commands to manage job schedules in Linux.
  • use cron to schedule jobs in Linux.
  • distinguish between the levels of user access to jobs running in the cron and at services.
  • work with cron in Linux.
  • identify the main factors involved in developing a suitable Linux backup strategy.
  • suggest a suitable Linux backup strategy and schedule for a given scenario.
  • identify the appropriate commands for implementing Linux backups and restoration.
  • plan and implement a backup strategy.