Avoid Procrastination by Getting Organized Instead

Individuals wishing to improve their productivity in the workplace


Expected Duration
22 minutes

The last time you were faced with a list of tasks, which one did you do first? Was it the most difficult? Was it a random choice, or did you choose the easiest task first? The latter points toward procrastination – a habit that causes urgent and difficult tasks to pile up as you avoid them. Procrastinators typically focus on the reasons not to do something, rather than just doing it. Don’t think about working more hours, think about working better hours. Use your time to get organized and avoid procrastination. In this course, you’ll discover some tips to become more organized and combat time wasters. You’ll learn about the causes of procrastination, and the ways to develop your self-discipline. You’ll also learn how to set your priorities and know when to say yes to a new task and when to say no.


Organize to Overcome Procrastination

  • recognize the benefits of overcoming procrastination
  • recognize the causes of workplace procrastination
  • recognize ways to develop discipline in a given scenario
  • match the actions to take to combat time wasters
  • recognize how to set priorities and keep focused
  • identify ways to say “”no”” and avoid overcommitment





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