Azure Active Directory and Authentication

IT professionals responsible for managing Microsoft Azure


Expected Duration
105 minutes

Domain #4 of the 70-533 exam focuses on Azure Active Directory. In this course, you’ll learn about users and groups in Azure Active Directory, as well as how to synchronize on-premises users to Azure AD. Then you will gain experience configuring Azure AD authentication.


Azure Active Directory

  • start the course
  • describe how Azure AD can benefit an organization
  • differentiate features between Azure AD editions
  • apply RBAC to delegate Azure management permissions
  • configure Azure AD
  • connect to an Azure AD instance using the tenant ID
  • configure Azure RBAC assignments
  • use the UI, PowerShell, and Azure CLI to manage users
  • use the UI, PowerShell, and Azure CLI to manage groups
  • describe the purpose of Azure AD Connect
  • join a Windows 10 station to Azure Active Directory
  • deploy a custom domain controller running in an Azure VM
  • configure self-service password reset

Azure AD Authentication

  • describe types of authentication and how they relate to Azure AD
  • describe when to use Federation and the Web Application Proxy
  • synchronize on-premises user accounts with Azure AD
  • verify Single Sign-On for a Windows 10 station
  • enable Facebook SSO for Azure AD users
  • enable Google ID SSO for Azure AD users
  • enhance Azure AD security by enabling MFA

Practice: Configuring Azure AD

  • manage Azure AD users and groups





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