Azure Networking

IT professionals responsible for managing Microsoft Azure


Expected Duration
89 minutes

Domain #5 of the 70-533 exam will test your ability to configure Azure networking components to allow connectivity within and to the Azure cloud.


Azure Virtual Networking

  • start the course
  • describe Azure networking components
  • define how Azure uses virtual networks
  • identify the role of Azure virtual subnets
  • use the portal to create a virtual network and subnet
  • use PowerShell to create a virtual network and subnet
  • use the Azure CLI to add a virtual subnet to an existing virtual network
  • describe how network interfaces and IP addresses are configured
  • use the Azure Portal to configure an public static IP address for a virtual machine
  • describe the purpose of Azure DNS
  • use the Azure Portal to configure Azure DNS

Azure Network Connectivity

  • list various ways to link cloud and on-premises networks
  • recognize when the ExpressRoute feature should be used
  • describe the purpose of a point-to-site VPN
  • use makecert.ext to create required certificates
  • use the portal to create a point-to-site VPN link
  • `connect to an Azure VPN from Windows
  • identify the purpose of user-defined routes
  • use the Azure portal to create a user-defined route
  • define when forced tunneling should be used

Practice: Defining Azure Network Components

  • recall Azure network components and their purpose





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