Azure Storage and the Azure Environment

IT professionals responsible for managing Microsoft Azure


Expected Duration
119 minutes

Deploying and managing Azure components requires first understanding how those pieces work together. Domain #3 of the 70-533 exam tests candidate’s understanding of how to best implement azure storage solutions.


The Azure Environment

  • start the course
  • list cloud characteristics
  • describe the components comprising the Azure infrastructure
  • list Azure offerings
  • sign up for an Azure subscription
  • list Azure management tools
  • navigate through the Azure portal
  • describe the role of PowerShell in Azure
  • use PowerShell to connect to an Azure subscription
  • use Azure CLI to connect to an Azure subscription
  • use Visual Studio to connect to an Azure subscription

Azure Storage

  • describe Azure storage options
  • describe Azure storage account access
  • create an Azure storage account
  • create a Shared Access Signature for storage account access
  • list the various types of Azure storage and when they should be used
  • use Azure blob storage
  • use Azure File Service to map a network drive
  • list tools that can be used with Azure storage
  • use various Azure storage tools

Practice: Working with Management Tools

  • recall Azure management tools and how they are used





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