Backup and Recovery in Exchange Server 2010

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Whether from a malicious user, a computer virus, or any unfortunate event, there will most likely come a time when your Microsoft Exchange Server will become damaged or experience a loss of data. Through careful planning, the severity of these types of events can be greatly minimized. This course discusses how to plan and implement a disaster recovery strategy for an organization and recover Exchange Server 2010 data that may be compromised or lost.

Target Audience

Systems administrators, systems engineers, systems analysts, IT consultants, and support professionals with responsibility for planning, implementing, and maintaining Microsoft Exchange Server 2010; learners preparing for the MCTS and MCITP certification exams


A working knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server 2008; a working knowledge of networking, including TCP/IP, DNS, and IIS; an understanding of Internet protocols, such as POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, and HTTP may be beneficial

Expected Duration

60 min.

Course Objectives

Planning for Exchange Server 2010 Backups

  • identify the considerations for establishing an SLA for various Exchange Server roles
  • identify best practices for supporting backups with documentation
  • Configuring Exchange Server 2010 Backups

  • recognize what should be backed up for each type of server in Exchange Server 2010
  • recognize when to back up Database Availability Groups, Windows services, and system state data
  • Disaster Recovery Scenarios in Exchange Server 2010

  • recognize how to respond to various disaster recovery situations in Exchange Server 2010
  • Recovering Exchange Server 2010 Data

  • use Windows Server Backup to recover Exchange Server 2010 application data
  • restore from a backup and overwrite the existing database
  • recognize key concepts about recovering from database corruption
  • Recovering Data in Exchange Server 2010