Bank Branch Management: Branch Security & Fraud

Financial services professionals, consultants, and sales professionals interested in providing or selling products and services to retail banks, and anyone interested in understanding the operations at a bank branch

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Robbery is the first thing that comes to mind when bank branch security is mentioned. However, bank security involves much more than just robbery prevention. Banks face a variety of security threats, including forces of nature, human error or failure, and fraud and information security threats, among others. Physical branch security measures play a critical role in a bank’s security, as do specific responses to bank robberies. Establishing a fraud prevention strategy is vital for bank branch security, along with training and compliance considerations.
This course will cover aspects of bank branch security threats, including forces of nature, robberies, human error, and fraud and information security. It will address issues of physical threats to security, and how to put security measures in place to reduce the risk of security breaches. It includes guidelines on specific responses to bank robberies, and on establishing a fraud prevention strategy, including the importance of knowing your customers. The course also covers elements of bank teller training, and regulatory compliance and audits.


Bank Branch Security Threats

  • identify the types of security threats to banks
  • identify the different types of fraud and information security threats
  • recognize bank branch security threats
  • Physical Branch Security

  • identify security measures
  • identify specific responses to bank robberies
  • recognize physical bank branch security threats, measures, and responses to bank robberies
  • Fraud Prevention Strategy

  • identify steps in effective fraud prevention strategies for bank’s management
  • recognize the “know your customer” fraud strategy
  • recognize fraud prevention strategies
  • Training and Compliance

  • identify the components of a bank teller security training program
  • recognize the basic security requirements that banks must meet
  • describe security training and compliance




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