Bank Branch Management: Internal Controls and Banking Technology

Financial services professionals, consultants, sales professionals interested in providing or selling products and services to retail banks, and everyone interested in understanding the operations at a bank branch

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Internal controls and banking technology rely on each other to mitigate risks, and at the same time, drive innovation in banking technology and services. Internal controls are used to achieve operational success by increasing efficiency, consistency, reporting accuracy, and compliance. Banking technology is constantly evolving to suit the needs of banks and their customers. An effective interrelation between internal controls and banking technology helps achieve operational success.
This course covers the basics of internal bank control, including major internal control objectives for banks, typical control framework characteristics, and types of controls. It will also cover the scope of control and will differentiate responsibilities between the internal control groups. Furthermore, the course describes banking technology, including the evolution of banking technology, e-banking, current integrated architecture, and current and future trends in technology.


Internal Bank Controls

  • identify the major internal control objectives for banks
  • identify typical control framework characteristics
  • differentiate between internal control responsibilities
  • identify aspects of internal bank controls
  • Banking Technology

  • recognize the drivers behind the evolution of banking technology
  • identify key services offered by e-banking
  • identify aspects of the integrated architecture of a bank
  • identify currently evolving trends in banking technology
  • recognize future trends in banking technology
  • describe different aspects of banking technology




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