Bank Branch Management: Teller Roles and Credit Card Operations

Financial services professionals, consultants, and sales professionals interested in providing or selling products and services to retail banks, and everyone interested in understanding the operations at a bank branch


Expected Duration
60 minutes

Bank tellers are the face of retail and commercial banks. Even with the move to online and electronic banking, tellers represent the bank and their values. They promote financial products and services while ensuring accurate transactions that comply with bank policies and regulations. They often handle credit card payments and transactions, and would work with the various types of credit cards in the transaction process as they are very knowledgeable in the details and know the value of the cards to banks and consumers.
This course examines the basic bank teller roles and functions, including promoting the image of the bank, promoting the bank’s products and services, ensuring accurate transactions, and enforcing policies and compliance regulations. It will also cover the compliance requirements for a teller. This course will then cover credit card operations including the types of credit cards and the transaction process, and it will highlight the value of credit cards to the banks and the consumer.


Bank Teller Roles and Requirements

  • recognize the role of the teller in bank branch operations
  • identify the job functions of a bank teller
  • recognize the types of compliance regulations a teller must be comply with
  • describe bank teller roles and responsibilities
  • Credit Card Features and Operations

  • differentiate between types of credit cards
  • sequence the credit card transaction process
  • recognize the value of credit cards to banks and consumers
  • describe the basic characteristics of credit card operations




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