Basic Access 2007 Forms

End-users seeking to attain competency in Access 2007; end-users seeking to obtain Microsoft Application Specialist certification in the use of Microsoft Access 2007; end-users seeking to obtain Microsoft Application Professional certification; end-users seeking a basic IT certification such as ECDL/ ICDL, or an equivalent.

Familiarity with a Windows environment

Expected Duration
120 minutes

Microsoft Office Access 2007 offers several options for creating, customizing, and managing forms. This course describes multiple methods of form creation, including the Form, Split Form, Multiple Items, Blank Form, and Form Design tools and the Form Wizard. This course also explores controls – the available types, how they are added to a form, how their properties are set, and how they are resized, moved, grouped, and positioned on a form. The course demonstrates how forms can be customized using autoformat, or by adding the date and time, page numbers, logos, and other decorative controls. The creation and management of records in forms using different navigational methods, sorting and filtering options, and printing forms is also covered.


Creating Forms in Access 2007

  • create a form in Access 2007
  • add controls to Access 2007 forms
  • configure controls on an Access 2007 form
  • bind controls to a field in Access 2007
  • configure bound controls in Access 2007
  • create a form using the Form Wizard
  • add and configure an unbound control
  • create a bound control and configure the record source

Working with Forms in Access 2007

  • customize forms in Access 2007
  • format forms in Access 2007
  • create and modify records
  • navigate between Access 2007 records
  • sort and filter Access 2007 records
  • format an Access 2007 form
  • create and modify a record in Access 2007
  • sort and filter Access 2007 records





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