Basic Business Math: Using Whole Numbers and Decimals

Individuals wanting to gain, develop, or refine their basic business math skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

An understanding of basic mathematical principles is important for any businessperson. Math skills enable you to figure out resource requirements, estimate costs, work out average time spent on different activities, and calculate commission earnings. The ability to analyze and comprehend numbers is a vital skill for personal, as well as corporate, growth and success.
This course builds on the basic math skills that you learned in your school years, showing you how to apply those skills to some common business situations. And it helps you to confidently use whole numbers and decimals in business through a series of real-life problems and examples.


Working with Whole Numbers and Decimals

  • estimate using rounded whole numbers in a given scenario
  • identify the characteristics of whole numbers
  • identify which fractional amount is the largest when comparing a simple fraction, a percentage, and a ratio
  • put fractional amounts in order from smallest to greatest
  • add and subtract decimals to solve business problems
  • multiply and divide decimals to solve business problems





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