Becoming an Inspirational Leader

Managers, team leaders, or professionals who want to increase their understanding of developing the leadership attributes of self-assessment, motivation, messaging, effective communication, and inspiration.


Expected Duration
30 minutes

People are inspired when they trust their leaders and are mobilized by common goals. When you strive for inspirational leadership, you demonstrate credibility and create a community with a shared vision. In this course, you’ll learn about the characteristics people look for in an inspiring leader. You’ll also learn about traits and behaviors that inspirational leaders exemplify. Finally, you’ll learn about the role of clear, credible, and persuasive messages in inspirational leadership.


What Makes an Inspiring Leader?

  • match the characteristics of inspiring leadership to examples
  • recognize leaders who inspire by enabling others and sharing their vision
  • identify examples of leaders who challenge, encourage, and model
  • recall how leaders can inspire others by showing integrity and credibility
  • recognize how inspirational leaders show character and hope
  • recognize examples of clear and credible leadership messages
  • recall strategies for influencing and persuading an audience
  • recognize how leaders can inspire their teams





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