Beginning AngularJS

Web developers looking to expand their skills with AngularJS


Expected Duration
127 minutes

AngularJS extends HTML attributes with Directives, and binds data to HTML with Expressions. In this course, you will be introduced to the AngularJS environment. You will also learn how to work with controllers and different inputs and outputs.


Introduction to AngularJS

  • start the course
  • set up the AngularJS environment
  • use scope functions
  • execute scope methods in response to a user input or event
  • use bracketed expressions to hold and evaluate expressions
  • describe how dot notation affects scope hierarchies


  • use controllers and variable scope
  • share data between multiple controllers
  • use the controller as syntax to create controllers


  • use display filters to filter data
  • create a custom display filter
  • use the orderBy and limitTo filters
  • use the number and json filters
  • use the date filter

User Input and Validation

  • work with user input
  • perform basic client-side form validation

Output Formatting

  • use the CSS classes that are provided with AngularJS
  • filter output based on content

Working with AngularJS

  • use the $interpolate service to change the default braces
  • use the $scope.$watch functionality
  • use the $q.all function to handle multiple promises
  • use the angular.foreach function
  • validate data types

Practice: Work with Filters

  • use different filters to control the display of the application





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