Being an Effective Team Member

All levels of employees; anyone who participates on any type of team


Expected Duration
30 minutes

To make a real, positive difference on a team, you must take on the challenging task of putting the team first. This course covers strategies and techniques to help you become a more effective and valued member of your team. You’ll explore ways to adopt a positive mindset and take a proactive role on a team, so that you can make a significant contribution. Because your success on a team depends on pulling together with other people, you’ll also learn constructive ways to acknowledge differences and show respect for team members, and specific strategies for working collaboratively.


How To Be An Effective Team Member

  • recognize the effects that having a good attitude can have on a team
  • identify strategies for adopting a positive mindset about working on a team
  • identify the characteristics of a team member who has a proactive attitude
  • recognize how to be a proactive team member
  • recognize how to acknowledge team members’ rights to have differing opinions
  • recognize strategies for demonstrating tolerance and treating teammates with respect
  • recognize strategies for working collaboratively with others
  • use strategies for being an effective team member





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