Big Data Sales Perspective

Professionals looking to further their knowledge of Big Data from the sales perspective


Expected Duration
43 minutes

Big Data allows salespeople to adopt data-driven methodologies to target high-value prospects rather than relying on relationships and other soft factors to target and close business deals. In this course, you will learn the difference between big data and data science. You will take a look at different algorithms and technology accelerators.


The Sales Perspective

  • start the course
  • describe what big data is
  • compare data science to big data
  • describe how big data entered into the public consciousness
  • find leads using big data
  • describe the different algorithms behind the systems we know
  • recall some different software implementations for big sales data
  • describe the term The Internet of Things
  • identify different technologies that are accelerating the sales world
  • describe the most common barrier to technology adaptation in the work place
  • recall how different companies embraced the big data movement

Practice: The Sales Perspective

  • become more familiar with big data from the sales perspective





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