Big Data – The Legal Perspective

Professionals looking to further their knowledge of Big Data from the legal perspective

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Expected Duration
42 minutes

By proactively dealing with privacy issues, organizations can safely leverage Big Data while still retaining customers, and avoiding reputational harm, litigation, and regulatory scrutiny. In this course, you will examine privacy concerns, how data can be used ethically, and what to do about social media.


The Legal Perspective

  • start the course
  • describe the privacy concerns over big data
  • recall some of the results that can occur when data is not properly protected
  • describe why the governance of the tools used to collect and analyze the data is important
  • recall how constantly changing laws and regulations are a challenge
  • describe the dilemma of predictive capabilities
  • recall how technology assisted reviews can reduce workload
  • describe the goals and the hazards of data monetization
  • describe the areas of concern to address before data collection is done
  • recall how transparency helps companies improve their customer relationships
  • recall the legal concerns over using social media sites to recruit potential employees

Practice: Big Data Legal Perspectives

  • understand how big data relates to legal concerns





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