Bitcoin Technology Fundamentals

Professionals who want to leverage Bitcoin technology in their field of expertise


Expected Duration
70 minutes

Bitcoin is a digital currency system that’s driven by a database technology known as Blockchain, but what’s the underlying technology? In this course, you’ll learn the technological fundamentals of Blockchain, including basic Bitcoin technology, transactions, the pros and cons of transactions, and Bitcoin mining.


Basic Bitcoin Technology

  • start the course
  • explain the basics of Bitcoin addresses
  • explain the basics of Bitcoin networks
  • explain the basics of mining bitcoins
  • describe improvement proposals for Bitcoin
  • describe Blockchain explorers

Bitcoin Transactions

  • explain how Bitcoin is purchased
  • explain how Bitcoin is sold
  • describe unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs)

Transaction Pros and Cons

  • describe the aspects of anonymity when dealing in Bitcoin
  • explain the volatility of Bitcoin
  • discuss unconfirmed transactions
  • describe irreversibility as it pertains to Bitcoin transactions

Introduction to Mining

  • describe the mining process
  • describe mining pools and centralization
  • discuss mining and security issues with Bitcoin
  • discuss Bitcoin wallet hardware

Bitcoin’s Impact and the Future

  • discuss experimental opportunities for Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • explain Bitcoin’s social impact
  • explain the issues surrounding Bitcoin and its future

Practice: Bitcoin Transactions and Mining

  • explain the fundamentals of Bitcoin technology, including basic technology, transactions, pros and cons, and mining





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