Bootstrap Elements

Web developers who wish to learn about the Bootstrap framework


Expected Duration
176 minutes

Bootstrap is a front-end framework developed to provide consistency for internal resources. In this course, you will explore the navigation elements, how to apply breadcrumbs, and how to use the different plugins, including the alert plugin and the carousel plugin.


Bootstrap Components

  • start the course
  • create an interactive tabular navigation bar
  • add dropdown menus to pill style navigation elements
  • use the default Navbar
  • create a responsive navigation bar
  • use breadcrumbs
  • use pagination
  • use pagination with jQuery and JavaScript
  • use labels
  • use badges
  • describe the purpose of the Jumbotron and how to apply it
  • use the page header
  • apply default and custom elements of the Thumbnails component
  • use the accordion
  • create different examples of alerts
  • implement the progress bar
  • describe what the media object is and implement the default media
  • use a list group with a basic example, linked items, and custom content
  • create a basic panel and a panel with a heading
  • use a default well and the optional classes

Bootstrap Plugins

  • implement transitions
  • create a static example and the use the optional sizes of modals
  • apply dropdowns within a navbar and within pills
  • implement scrollspy and describe why it would be used
  • implement tabs and use different options
  • use tooltips
  • apply a static popover
  • create an alert
  • describe why the button plugin would be used and apply different options
  • use the collapse plugin through javascript with different options
  • implement the carousel feature

Practice: Advanced Bootstrap Elements

  • understand how to use the more advanced toolsets that Bootstrap has to offer





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