Brand Management for Social Media and Wireless Technologies

Managers and strategic planners who want to develop or refine their strategic brand management skills

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Expected Duration
68 minutes

The brand tenets of the past – notably control and predictability – are no longer valid. Ever-increasing consumer power, driven by social media and other web-based and wireless technologies, is having a significant impact on brand effectiveness and brand staying power. Consumers are now key drivers for corporate brand strategy. Brand managers need to understand how to harness the power of these technologies and how consumers interact with these technologies. And they must appreciate how they can use social media and wireless technologies to their strategic advantage. This course provides instruction on the benefits and potential risks associated with the use of social media and wireless technologies to promote a brand. It also explores how brand managers should approach branding across these platforms in order to improve brand visibility and ultimately brand success.


Promoting a Brand Using Technology

  • recognize guidelines to follow when addressing negative comments on social media in a given scenario
  • identify the characteristics a social media branding strategy should have
  • choose the most appropriate social media
  • identify comments that are appropriate to make on behalf of a brand in a given scenario
  • sequence the stages of the process to follow when developing a social media branding strategy
  • identify the principles to follow when developing a strategy for using wireless technology to manage or promote your brand
  • recognize examples of effective wireless branding





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