Bridging the Diversity Gap

Individuals at all levels who have an interest in diversity in the workplace


Expected Duration
27 minutes

Without diversity in the workplace, organizations run the risk of viewing things from a very limited perspective. The organization provides the structure for operation, but it’s the individuals within the organization who carry out the mission of the organization. This course focuses on what diversity is, how to leverage the diversity within the organization, and the barriers that must be overcome to create a diversified working environment.


Diversity and the Changing Workplace

  • identify key concepts related to diversity in the workplace
  • match the approaches organizations use to deal with diversity to appropriate actions
  • identify how companies can benefit by embracing diversity
  • recognize how prejudice and stereotypes can cause barriers for some employees in the workplace
  • recognize the implications of cultural expectations on diversity in the workplace
  • identify reasons organizations may encounter resistance to diversity in the workplace
  • recognize the importance of workplace diversity and the barriers that must be overcome to embrace its benefits




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