Building a Schedule with Project 2010

Individuals involved in managing projects who have basic computer literacy

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

A project is made up of tasks, and the job of a project manager essentially boils down to one thing: making sure tasks are properly defined, organized, planned, and carried out. Good scheduling leads to timely completion of the project, and that relies on the ability to order and link tasks, and set appropriate durations and constraints. This course covers the steps for entering and editing tasks within Microsoft Project 2010, setting milestones, organizing tasks into phases, and identifying task dependencies. The course also introduces methods for applying constraints and deadlines to your project tasks to keep them on schedule.


Scheduling Projects

  • add tasks to a project plan
  • determine whether given tasks should be automatically or manually scheduled in Project 2010
  • recognize guidelines for using summary tasks and milestones
  • recognize different types of task dependencies
  • manage dependencies between tasks
  • apply a constraint to a given task in Project 2010
  • perform scheduling tasks in Project 2010





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