Building Innovation Cultures and Leaders

Supervisors, managers, directors, and individuals wanting to develop their leadership skills


Expected Duration
30 minutes

Innovation is a critical component of just about every organization. Building and supporting an innovative culture is a responsibility for leaders and employees across organizational hierarchies. In this course, you’ll learn about business innovation cultures and types of innovation leadership. You’ll also learn about the importance of committing to aspects of innovation, including experimentation, risk management, and project execution. Finally, you’ll learn how to attract and nurture innovation in your organization.


Fostering an Innovation Culture

  • match innovation models to their descriptions
  • recall characteristics of committed and passionate innovation cultures and leaders
  • identify characteristics of how business cultures and leaders can support innovation through experimentation
  • describe ways to manage risk in an innovation culture
  • specify ways of ensuring quick project implementation in an innovation culture
  • recognize actions that are likely to nurture innovators
  • identify examples of how to commit to innovation
  • recognize characteristics of an innovation culture and innovation leader




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