Building Your Presentation

Individuals who want to improve their presentation skills.


Expected Duration
30 minutes

For a presentation to be effective, it needs to have a sound structure. To ensure that your presentation has this structure, you should transform your ideas about its purpose, audience, and key points into notes and aids that will guide you. In this course, you’ll learn how to write the key parts of a presentation so they’re memorable and effective. You’ll also learn how to select and use presentation and visual aids. Finally, you’ll learn how to rehearse your presentation – a key step in building confidence for the real thing.


Crafting a Presentation

  • recognize the essential elements of a presentation’s opening section
  • recall strategies for writing an effective middle section for a presentation
  • identify the characteristics of an effectively written closing section
  • select the appropriate presentation aid to use in a given situation
  • recall guidelines for ensuring visual aids are clear for audience members
  • specify strategies for ensuring the quality of a visual aid
  • describe how to effectively rehearse a presentation
  • recognize how to build and rehearse an effective presentation




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