Business Execution: Linking Strategy to People and Operations

Anyone who wants to initiate the conditions, implement the strategies, and provide support for business execution in an organization

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Creating exceptional strategy doesn’t on its own guarantee it’ll be executed successfully. Your people must develop an understanding of the strategy, and your work processes must be tightly aligned to maximize organizational performance. So how do you communicate strategy and secure alignment? Strategy needs to be translated from high-level themes into individual strategic goals. Otherwise, the strategy will be difficult to execute. Operational processes must work together to achieve goals because strategic progress is faster when business units are aligned, rather than working in isolation. This course offers techniques for effectively communicating a common understanding of the mission, values, and vision that drives your strategy. You’ll learn how to cascade balanced scorecard objectives to help employees understand how department strategy and their personal work connect to organizational goals. The course also explains the importance of incentives to achieve objectives and of evaluating organizational competencies to develop employees who can execute your organizational strategy.


Aligning People, Process, and Strategy

  • recognize how to effectively communicate business strategy
  • recognize best practices for cascading balanced scorecards
  • recognize how to help employees link personal objectives with strategic objectives
  • analyze the process used to assess employee competencies in a given scenario




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