Business Grammar: Sentence Construction

Individuals who want to refresh or refine their basic business grammar skills for any kind of business writing, from e-mail and memos to reports and presentations

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

People write sentences everyday in business. However, sometimes those sentences are not as well constructed as they could be. A misplaced modifier might get a chuckle out of the reader, but it doesn’t help your reputation or that of your company. Nor does a run-on sentence, which can blur the meaning of your message and cause the reader to be confused and even annoyed.
In this course, you’ll review basic sentence construction, including how to develop sentences that are logical, clear, and powerful – the basis of any sound business document. The course examines the parts of a sentence – the subject and predicate, for example – and distinguishes between phrases and clauses. It shows the importance of subject-verb agreement, as well as agreement between pronouns and their antecedents. You’ll also find out how to identify and fix some of the most common types of sentence errors.


Sentence Construction

  • recognize the parts of a sentence
  • identify phrases and clauses in given sentences
  • identify sentences that have the correct subject-verb agreement
  • recognize examples of pronouns and antecedents that agree in person, number, and gender
  • recognize how to fix sentence fragments
  • recognize how to fix comma splices and run-on sentences
  • identify the sentences with misplaced or dangling modifiers




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