Business Law and Ethics

Management-level learners who want to develop a better understanding of the legal obligations they have as employees of their organization

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Dealing with the balance of ethics and the law is a day-to-day challenge for many managers. While you might be inclined to act in ways that are legal in the technical sense, there is value also in recognizing the intent behind a law. Meeting the spirit of the law often comes down to acting in a way that is both legal and ethical.
While law and ethics share a close relationship, the two are not the same. This course will clarify the relationship between ethics and law and explore how recognizing the ethics underlying the law can help you better manage legal issues you face in your duties. As a manager, understanding your responsibility to act ethically and legally is crucial in order to better protect your organization, your staff, and yourself.


Business Ethics and the Law

  • describe the convergence and divergence of law and ethics
  • recognize how laws and ethics function in a business environment
  • perform key steps in the process for making a decision that complies with the spirit of the law
  • recognize how managers can encourage fulfillment of the spirit of the law through a culture of ethics




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