Business Management and Strategy: The HR Function and Business Environment

Human resource professionals who are preparing for the Human Resource Certification Institute’s (HRCI) Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification exam

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

This course examines many of the elements of an organization’s corporate strategy, the role of the HR function in the strategic planning process, and the key elements in corporate governance. The course focuses on the vital contributions HR professionals often make in the development and organization-wide communication of the mission, vision, values, strategic goals, and objectives. The course will also look at current business and regulatory environments, and how a working knowledge of those areas allows HR professionals to be key contributors in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the organization’s strategic plan. Finally, the course will highlight several key elements in the legislative and regulatory process with special reference to US federal laws.
This course helps prepare individuals for the Human Resource Certification Institute’s (HRCI) PHR and SPHR certification examinations.


The HR Function and Business Environment

  • describe and recognize the key elements of an organizational strategy
  • identify various functional areas of an organization
  • recognize how HR’s functional strategy supports the organization’s strategic plan
  • recognize the key elements of corporate governance
  • recognize how key business concepts contribute to an organization’s strategic direction and preferences
  • identify the types of business environment factors used in a SWOT analysis
  • recognize examples of information from the SLEPT model that contribute to the development of an organization’s strategic plan
  • sequence the steps in the passage of a bill in the US Congress
  • identify steps in the federal rule-making process




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