Business Outcomes Engagement Program: Level 2

  • Channel partner service engineers
  • Technical account managers
  • Technical architects


An understanding of developing technology solutions to meet customer requirements

Expected Duration
2 day


The Business Outcome Engagement Program employs an architectural approach. It is designed to support technology professionals in a business led engagement rather than a technology led sale. The program is designed to enable service engineers (SEs) to identify customer needs and outcomes, engage with various stakeholders, support and add value to the business outcome focused engagement, aligning technical solutions to customer business needs.

The level of the program will enable participants to:

  • Evolve an architectural view of the customer organization
  • Translate the advanced tools and models into technical requirements
  • Develop a comprehensive solution design to the customer business case presentation
  • Design the implementation roadmap and activities to ensure successful delivery of customer outcomes


1. Architecture Concepts

  • Business architecture approach
  • Difference between current and future state business capabilities
  • Distinguish between an architectural blueprint and a roadmap
  • Features and benefits of using a reference model
  • Distinguish between levels of requirements and viewpoints

2. Refine Customer Business Needs (Advanced)

  • Extend the requirements analysis
  • Relevant business scenarios
  • Advanced techniques, tools, and models
  • Document the findings of elicitation meetings

3. Create Business Design and Deliver Solution Recommendation (Advanced)

  • Solutions that address the pain points and satisfy the opportunities
  • Other ecosystem solutions to further address pain points and satisfy opportunities
  • Severity of business and technical constraints
  • Impact on solution options
  • Mitigation options for technical and business constraints

4. Create the Implementation Roadmap

  • Implementation strategy
  • High-level implementation timelines
  • Customer, internal, and partner resource requirements
  • Interim implementation base camps
  • Work packages per business capability
  • Implementation information to create an implementation roadmap

5. Additional On-Demand Enablement

  • Core architecture and outcomes concepts
  • Business outcome led approach
  • Customer expectations and drivers utilizing business architecture
  • Finance and business acumen

6. Ongoing Support

  • On-demand enablement
  • Digital tools and applications
  • Access to community and subject matter expert (SME)



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