Business Travel Safety and Security

All employees who travel for business purposes


Expected Duration
30 minutes

This course will help business travelers reduce the risks to their person and property while traveling for work. It provides guidelines on how to take precautionary and evasive measures to avoid becoming a victim of crime in various environments frequented by travelers, including airports, hotels, and driving in a car, and when out and about in a new location. It also provides advice on what a business traveler should do in the aftermath of a crime.
This course was developed with subject matter provided by Eric L. Matson of Norsemen Training & Consulting Group, a global professional services company focusing on corporate, business and personal safety training.


Safe and Secure Business Travel

  • adopt the appropriate mind-set to reduce the risks associated with a business trip
  • match each component of the R.O.A.R. model with the key principle that underlies it
  • stay safe when traveling by car while on business
  • take appropriate precautions to ensure your personal safety and the security of your possessions at the airport
  • prepare for a safe hotel stay while traveling for business
  • prepare for your safety while out and about during business travel
  • identify which action should be taken as a last resort when confronted by an aggressor
  • determine the best approach to take when confronted by a potentially dangerous situation
  • recognize why it’s important to report incidents that occur while you are traveling on business to your employer




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