C++ Fundamentals

Individuals with C++ programming experience working towards the C++ Institute Certified Associate Programmer certification


Expected Duration
147 minutes

C++ is a general purpose, object-oriented programming language with the C language as its core. In this course, you’ll explore the fundamentals of C++. You’ll learn about data types, how to use modifiers and operators, and how to use flow control in a program. It is one in a series of courses that prepares learners for the C++ Institute Certified Associate Programmer certification.


C++ Programming Fundamentals

  • start the course
  • describe the structure of a C++ program
  • recognize the differences between C++ and C
  • create C++ projects in Eclipse
  • create C++ projects in Visual Studio
  • compile C++ programs with GCC
  • work with C++ I/O streams
  • use the C++ preprocessor
  • parse command line arguments in C++
  • divide code into header and source file pairs in C++
  • C++ Data Types

  • recognize the characteristics of C++ data types
  • work with UTF-16, UTF-32, and wide characters in C++
  • C++ Modifiers and Operators

  • work with C++ data type modifiers
  • use arithmetic operators in a C++ program
  • work with relational and logical operators in C++
  • work with bitwise operators in C++
  • work with assignment operators in C++
  • work with compound assignment operators in C++
  • C++ Flow Control

  • use the if statement in branching C++ programs
  • use a for loop in C++ programs
  • use a while loop in C++ programs
  • use a do while loop in C++
  • use the switch statement in C++ programs
  • Practice: Creating C++ Applications

  • create a basic C++ application




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