C++11: Advanced Techniques and C++14 Preview

Individuals with C++ programming experience who wish to learn how to use features such as lambda expressions, smart pointers, and Valarray in C++11 and preview the language changes introduced in C++14.


Expected Duration
90 minutes

The next C++ standard is known as the C++14 standard. This course aims to familiarize the C++ programmer with C++11 features such as lambda expressions, smart pointers and valarray, as well as some of the upcoming language changes introduced in the C++14 standard.


Lambda Expressions

  • start the course
  • use lambda expressions in C++
  • use the capture list in C++
  • use the stl::for_each expression in C++
  • use stl::sort expression in C++

Smart Pointers

  • recognize smart pointers in C++
  • use the shared pointer in C++
  • use the unique pointer in C++
  • use the weak pointer in C++


  • use valarray in C++
  • use valarray operations in C++
  • use valarray slices in C++

C++14 Preview of Changes

  • recognize the main features and updates included in C++14
  • use lambda capture expressions in C++14
  • use function return type deduction in C++14
  • use updated constant expressions in C++14
  • use binary literals and literal suffixes in C++14

Practice: C++14 Advanced Techniques

  • use the appropriate techniques for C++11 and C++14 applications





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