C++11: Programming Fundamentals

Individuals with programming experience who wish to learn the basics of C++ programming.


Expected Duration
128 minutes

C++ is a general purpose, object-oriented programming language with the C language as its core. The latest release is C++11. This course covers essential C++11 programming essentials, as well as containers, data structures, and data types. It also features lambda expressions, iterators, and enumeration classes.


C++11 Essentials

  • start the course
  • use the auto keyword in C++
  • use the nullptr literal in C++
  • use the initializer_list in C++
  • use the constant expression in C++
  • use nothrow new to suppress allocation exceptions in C++
  • use suffix notation to specify return types in C++

Containers, Data Structures, and Data Types

  • use unordered_map in C++
  • use unordered_set in C++
  • use bit fields in C++
  • use std::bitset in C++
  • use std::pair in C++
  • use std::deque in C++
  • use std::multimap in C++
  • use std::multiset in C++
  • use std::array in C++
  • use std::priority_queue in C++
  • use std::stringstream in C++
  • use numeric type literals in C++


  • recognize iterators using find in C++
  • recognize iterators using sort in C++
  • recognize insert iterators in C++
  • use iterators to copy and move in C++

Enumeration Class

  • recognize enumeration classes in C++
  • overloading operators on an enumeration class in C++

Practice: Programming Fundamentals in C++11

  • make decisions involving fundamental programming concepts in a C++11 application





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