Campus to Corporate: Developing a Professional Image

Post-secondary students, or recent graduates, working in a professional environment for the first time

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Projecting a professional image is vital to career success. Knowing how to dress is part of it, but there’s much more. It’s about demonstrating your best qualities through the attitude you bring to your work. And it’s about respecting yourself, your job, your organization, and your coworkers. This course explains how you can show professionalism by your appearance and by following rules of conduct – for example, rules about using cell phones at work or about what you publish on social networking sites, even on your own time. It also offers guidance on the basics of how to communicate in a professional manner. Finally, it helps you recognize and avoid e-mail blunders that could diminish your professional image.


Acting in a Professional Manner

  • recognize how to project a professional image
  • recognize examples of dress choices that detract from professional appearance
  • identify generally accepted guidelines around cell phone use in the workplace
  • recognize examples of following guidelines for using social media
  • communicate in a professional manner
  • recognize examples of common e-mail blunders in a scenario




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