Campus to Corporate: Meeting New Expectations

Post-secondary students, or recent graduates, working in a professional environment for the first time

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Campus life is now behind you, and you are taking the first steps along your career path. The better you can adjust to the new expectations, the smoother and easier these steps will be. This course gives you an understanding of corporate culture so you’ll have a better grasp of the new expectations. It also outlines how to manage your time and responsibilities in this new environment and how to demonstrate initiative. Finally, it explains the importance of building good professional relationships with your colleagues and shows you what you can do to foster these relationships.


Moving from Campus to Corporate

  • match elements of corporate culture with examples
  • recognize examples of appropriate actions you can take to manage your time
  • recognize how to clarify your role and be a team player
  • recognize examples of showing initiative appropriately
  • build a professional relationship with a coworker in a scenario




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