Chemical Process Safety Management

Supervisors and managers working in industrial process plants

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Expected Duration
30 minutes

Safe working procedures are essential when dealing with highly hazardous chemicals and processes. In this course, you will learn about chemical Process Safety Management (PSM) programs and the fourteen elements that have been developed by OSHA for inclusion in these programs. Required elements of the program that are covered in this course include personnel and training considerations, documentation, equipment maintenance and work processes, and emergency planning. This course will help managers and supervisors who work in industrial process plants develop an understanding of the reasons for and required elements of PSM programs.
This course was developed with subject matter support provided by EnSafe Inc., a global professional services company focusing on engineering, environment, health and safety, and information technology.


Chemical Process Safety Management

  • identify the characteristics of a Process Safety Management program
  • identify the responsibilities of line managers and supervisors for creating and maintaining a safety culture in potentially hazardous manufacturing processes
  • describe the elements of a Process Safety Management program which deal with personnel and training
  • describe the contents of each of the elements of a Process Safety Management program that must be documented
  • recognize key elements of Process Safety Management programs related to equipment maintenance and work processes
  • identify the elements of an Emergency Action Plan
  • investigate incidents that occur at your work plant





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