CIPTV 2 1.0: Cisco Unified Communications Manager v10 Mobility

This path is the foundation for Cisco Communications Manager multisite deployment. If you are responsible for multisite environments, this course guides you through the pitfalls and solutions in this complex environment. If you are a Chief Collaboration Officer or your responsibilities include the voice over IP and video solutions in your organization, you should take this course.


Expected Duration
84 minutes

There are two options for mobility device mobility and extension mobility. Roaming profiles are key to ensuring mobility is efficient. In this session, you will learn about the two options for mobility, device mobility and extension mobility. Device mobility requires a phone move from one location to another and still functions properly, whereas extension mobility requires a user to log into a phone to gain configuration files.


Implementing Device Mobility

  • start the course
  • describe roaming devices
  • describe the device mobility solves issues of roaming devices
  • describe dynamic phone configuration parameters
  • describe configuration element functions
  • describe when and how the phone configuration is modified
  • describe device mobility considerations
  • describe DMs without LRGs and globalized call routing
  • describe no globalized call routing
  • describe globalized call routing
  • Implementing Cisco Extension Mobility

  • describe roaming users
  • describe Cisco extension mobility
  • describe Cisco extension mobility configuration elements
  • describe the Cisco extension mobility login process
  • describe issues in environments with different phone models
  • describe the default device profile and Feature Safe
  • describe Cisco extension mobility phone model differences
  • describe Cisco extension mobility and CSSs
  • describe Cisco extension mobility configuration steps
  • implement Cisco extension mobility configuration steps
  • Practice: Device Mobility

  • describe device mobility




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